About Finishes

Unless otherwise noted, all parts of staircases are completely finished by Mrail.

Wood Finish

If it is required to match the wood finish with an existing wood floor we order stains from professional stain mixing companies and take due care to do a good job, but cannot guarantee that the finish will match perfectly.

Sometimes floors are made using technologies not available to us such as UV ray bleaching and certain wood species are not available (ex. European white oak). Alternatives, such as North American white oak in this example, may give a different finish. Even using different wood from the same tree type and forest may not match the finish perfectly.

Step finishing and finish matching for most common finishes is included in the price.

Mrail cannot not guarantee 100% match.

If finish is overly complicated extra charge may be applied.

Customers are advised to consult Mrail regarding finish before committing to a particular floor purchase.

Wall Finish

If steps are “touching” the side wall, the side wall must be finished straight and plumb to achieve uniform and minimal gaps between the steps and wall. Walls should be constructed properly and we will not scribe the steps to fit into wall imperfections.

Metal finish

Metal portions of stairs that remain visible are powder coated or spray painted depending on stair design. Color as per customer request.

Metal in some types of stairs may be custom finished in stainless steel, black oxide, wood veneer or anodized aluminum.